Top 10 Events & Nightlife in Prague

10. Bunkr Parukarka


Travelers, you might not be ready for the level of cool that is Bunkr Parukarka. This crazy Top 10 Prague club resides in an old 1950’s nuclear bunker left over from the Cold War. The doors are covered in graffiti—tipping you off to the hipster heaven that lies behind. Serving up some of the city’s hottest cocktails and bringing in some bumping DJs, this is one party you don’t want to miss. Open daily 1 PM – 10 PM. 

9. U Medvídků


An easy choice for our Top Ten Prague nightlife is U Medvidku Brewery—a gigantic beer hall and restaurant. Boasting top-notch Czech cuisine paired with beer from all across Europe, your taste buds (and your dance moves) will thank you for choosing this spectacular bar. Stop by in the evenings for live music and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. You really can’t fail with beer and boar. Open Mon – Fri 11 AM – 11 PM, Sat 11:30 AM – 11 PM, and Sun 11:30 AM – 10 PM. 

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8. Cross Club

Are you looking for the night of your life? We are pretty sure Cross Club can give you just that—a futuristic Top 10 Prague club with three whole levels of fun, you’ll be entertained until you just can’t dance a second more. The inside resembles a spaceship, so prepare to get your inner-astronaut on! Come dance from sunup to sundown, an experience you’ll never forget (if you remember it in the first place). Open Mon – Thurs 2 PM – 5 AM, Fri – Sat 2 PM – 7 AM, and Sun 2 PM – 2:30 AM. 

7. Lucerna Music Bar


Attention traveling music lovers: Lucerna Music Bar is one of the hottest concert clubs in Prague and a must-see for our Top 10 Prague nightlife! Housed in the Lucerna Palace, this flashy establishment features live local bands during the week and is known for their 80s-90s pop disco parties on the weekends (when they aren’t hosting prominent Czech and foreign bands, of course). Stop in for some great music and fabulous drinks, and bust out those geeky dance moves. Open Mon – Fri 9:30 AM – 7PM, Sat – Sun until event ends.  

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6. Meet Factory


Travelers, if you’re looking to get cultured, the Meet Factory is the place for you. An international center for contemporary art and a non-profit organization, the Meet Factory has been bringing world-renowned performers to Prague since 2002. The center features art from the genres of music, theater, galleries, and writers from all regions of the world. Come see stunning artwork, a beautiful opera, or a dramatic performance—all at the Meet Factory. Open 1 PM – 8 PM daily. 

5. Hemingway Bar


We couldn’t keep a bar inspired by the one and only Ernest Hemingway off our Top 10 Prague night clubs! The American novelist set a standard of adventure (and of heavy drinking) whose effect has rippled through the generations. This swanky bar evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue with unique cocktails and house rules including a dress code to keep even the patrons in tiptop shape. Open Mon – Thurs 5 PM – 1 AM, Fri 5 PM – 2 AM, Sat 7 PM – 2 AM, and Sun 7 PM – 1 AM. 

4. Ice Pub


You know you’ve always wanted to drink inside an igloo—well the Ice Pub in Prague is a pretty sweet second option! Imagine: a place where every single thing in the room (except you…yet!) is made of ice! Located right next door to the Charles Bridge (one of our Top 10 Prague attractions!) stop in for a quick drink and a quirky experience. Let the ice mug melt in your hand as you drink chilled  vodka, and remember: keep it cool, Prague. Open 12 PM – 5 AM daily. 

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3. Boulder Bar

Climbing its way to the top of our Top 10 Prague bars is the Boulder Bar—a drinking platform unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This bar has its own climbing wall for you to “play” on whilst drinking adult beverages; it’s literally a playground for adults! Try out your talents on the wall or sit at the bar and watch others climb and fall, either way it’s sure to be an entertaining evening. Open Mon – Fri 8 AM – 11 PM and Sat – Sun 9 Am – 11 PM. 

2. The Pub


If you’re not into the usual bar scene and you’re looking for some innovation, look no further than The Pub. Though the name isn’t flashy, their style of serving beer is: each tabletop has it’s own beer tap so you don’t have to wait at the bar for your drinks! Each table is linked to the bar, so they know how many beers you’ve had (even if you don’t). Come drink all the beer in Praha without even leaving your seat. Open daily 11 AM – 1 AM. 

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1. Carnevale Praha

Get ready to celebrate, travelers! Topping off our Top Ten Prague festivals is one of the most extravagant and colorful celebrations in the country: Carnevale Praha. A party to begin the Lent season, this feast involves an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink, and all-you-can-dance kind of fiesta. Let the Prague locals teach you how to party and experience the city in a way you’ll never forget. The party always starts in March but exact celebration dates vary by year.  

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