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Top 10 Hotels in Prague

10. Monastery Hotel

MAP   SITE   +420 233 090 200

Prepare yourselves for a hotel stay that’s far from the norm travelers—described as an oasis in the heart of Prague, the Monastery Hotel is located on the Strahov Monastery grounds. You probably won’t see any nuns or monks walking through your halls when you wake up, but you’ll surely hear the church bells! The best part is the location: you can walk to the Monastery Library, the observation tower, or Old Town. Just make sure you bring pajamas that would be nun-approved… 24-hr check in, check out 11 AM. 

9. Aria Hotel Prague

MAP   SITE   +420 225 334 111

Clocking in to top our Top Ten Prague hotels with the prettiest views is the Aria Hotel Prague, a stunning establishment overlooking the 18th-century garden of Vrtbovská zahrada. Aria Hotel boasts a refined, upscale style that includes all the modern amenities you need: free WiFi, smart TVs, and iPads in each room. Not only that, breakfast is complimentary from one of the hotel’s amazing in-house restaurants, one of which lies under a glass ceiling that is absolutely breathtaking. Check in 3 PM, check out 1 PM. 

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8. Three Storks

MAP   SITE  +420 257 210 779

Don’t worry—no babies will be dropped off during your stay at this refined Top 10 Prague hotel. The Three Storks has been hosting curious travelers for years and dowsing them in top-quality service. A great location in walking distance of the Prague Castle, Old Town, and the Charles Bridge, combined with bomb amenities like a complimentary casual bar and free bike rentals, this place really makes you feel like you’re the only traveler they’re hosting. Stay here and await your babies—just kidding. Check in 2 PM, check out 11 AM. 

7. BoHo Prague Hotel

MAP   SITE   +420 234 622 600

Can’t fit another piece of historical knowledge into your head? Don’t be fooled by the informal name—this hotel advertises itself as a “sleek retreat” from the bustle of city life. BoHo Prague Hotel offers a modern, swanky haven in the sea of history that is Prague’s Old Town. Fill up at the over-flowing breakfast buffet—but don’t eat until you can’t walk across the Charles Bridge (just minutes away from this classy establishment!) Check in 3 Pm, check out 12 PM. 

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6. Bishop’s House

MAP   SITE   +420 257 532 320

Ever wanted to see how a bishop lives? Well, this unique hotel experience occurs inside of the historical building that used to be the seat of the bishop! Maintaining the charm of the building while adding in contemporary vibes and amenities is difficult, but the Bishop’s House Hotel has accomplished just that. Enjoy a breakfast extravaganza at a cool minimalist restaurant (free of charge, of course) and see what it feels like to be a bishop—super-trendy bishop hats not provided. 24-hr check in, check out 11 AM. 

5. The Golden Wheel

MAP   SITE   +420 257 535 490

If you’re traveling with your special someone and looking for a bit of romance during your stay in Praha, don’t miss this adorable Top 10 Prague boutique hotel that will sweep you and your loved one off your feet. This cozy place is perfect for picturesque dates and precious moments. Located directly below the Prague Castle, the little hotel is a great launching pad for all your romantic sightseeing plans. If you decide to propose, we’re sure your loved one will find the location very engaging. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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4. Buddha-Bar Hotel

MAP   SITE   +420 221 776 300

We couldn’t keep the first Buddha-Bar in the world off our Top Ten Prague hotels! World-renowned for being a top-notch hotel, the Buddha-Bar Hotel in Prague exceeds expectations. Boasting a French Colonial-Asian fusion theme (an unusual, yet intriguing pairing) and unquestionably cool amenities (like personal Nespresso machines in each room) you won’t be sorry you chose this place. By the way, what is Buddha’s favorite candy bar? Buddha-fingers. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

3. Hotel Agnes

MAP   SITE   +420 222 312 417

This classic Czech gem is located along a charming cobblestone street and fits right in to the historical enchantment of Old Town Prague. Hotel Residence Agnes offers some of the best service in Praha along with relaxing, elegant rooms. The best part? All you can drink tea and coffee every afternoon—free of charge! How beau-tea-ful. This magical treasure will soothe your traveling woes and restore your energy, all while you bask in the history of Prague. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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2. Alchymist Suites

MAP   SITE   +420 257 286 960

If you’re traveling all the way to Prague, you might as well live like a king while you’re there, right? The Alchymist Prague Castle Suites works hard to make sure each and every traveler feels like royalty. This Top 10 Prague hotel features a breathtaking façade and sophisticated amenities totally worth the price tag. Complimentary wine tasting every afternoon, an elegant dining room featuring a grand piano, 24-hr butler service…need we continue? Come sleep like a king where even the reign-y days rule. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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1. Golden Well

MAP   SITE   +420 257 011 213

Topping off our Top Ten Prague hotels is none other than the Golden Well: a dazzling 5-star hotel with a stellar location. This magnificent hotel offers three terraces with views of Praha that will take your breath away. The rooms boast an old-world style with new-world features—like spectacularly relaxing rainfall showers. If there is one amenity that’s the cherry on the delicious Praha cake, it’s this: massage services. If you’re feeling knotty, come stay at the Golden Well. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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