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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Prague

10. Praha Bike

MAP   SITE   +420 732 388 880

Push back that kickstand, travelers! Kicking off our Top Ten Prague bike rentals is Praha Bike—your go-to for all things two-wheeled. Offering all kinds of wheeled entertainment, Praha Bike will let you ride the town on your own or will send a lovely local to guide you around. Choose tours focused around the city center or journeying out into the country—Praha Bike’s got it all! Even though there are lots of hills in Prague, we just know you’ll have a wheely good time. Open daily 9 AM – 8 PM. 

9. Prague Tram


Helping curious travelers and locals move around the city with ease is Prague’s Tram System—one of the most efficient in the world! Prague tram is your best option to see the sights—with 25 lines in the city center and frequent stops. A flexible 24-hour pass priced at 110 CZK allows unlimited rides on trams, buses, and the metro, which will save you time and money —how neat is that? Rest those weary feet travelers, and let the tram take you where you need to go. Trams run 24/7. 

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8. City Sightseeing

MAP   SITE   +420 775 477 800

Hopping on to our next Top 10 Prague tours is City Sightseeing – Prague, a spectacular hop-on/hop-off bus service great for (you guessed it) sightseeing! Making multiple stops all around the city and allowing for unlimited hopping, you and your little bunnies will have a great, flexible time touring the city! Buy a two-day pass and see everything you could possibly want—all without the worry of how you will get there! If anyone tells you buses aren’t cool, tell them to mind their own busness. Tickets available for purchase online. 

7. History Trips

MAP   SITE   +420 776 782 094

Hipsters: get ready to go retro. Prague History Trips allow you to bask in the history of the city while literally riding around in a piece of said history—you can’t get any more retro than that. Featuring original Praha brand open-top cars produced between 1928-1935 and experienced local drivers to show you around, Prague History Trips help you ride in style. They offer 4 different Top 10 Prague tour routes and a romantic evening option—oo la la! Reservations can be made online or by phone. 

6. Biko Adventure

MAP   SITE   +420 733 750 990

Surfs up, travelers! If you’ve always wanted to try surfing but are afraid of sharks—here is your chance. Built on the Labe River just outside of Prague, this super cool Top 10 Prague adventure involves you, a surfboard, and some trial and error. But have no fear; rumor has it most people stand up in 30 minutes! Remember to wear a t-shirt and shoes—after all: no shoes, no shirt, no surfing. The wave rides daily from 5 PM – 7 PM, with tours leaving at 4 PM. 

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5. Ecotours

MAP   SITE   +420 775 004 078

Earning the greenest spot on our Top Ten Prague tours is Ecotours—the hot spot for all things ecological! Offering electric bike, Segway, and old-school bicycle rentals and tours, the adventuring options around Praha are endless. Choose to wander around solo or ask a lovely local to show you around—either way you’re going green. See the sights of the city from the cobblestones. Open daily 9 AM – 6 PM. 

4. AeroPrague

MAP   SITE   +420 775 585 995

If your decision about the best way to see the Prague castles is up in the air, let us help you out. Helicopter Castle Tours fly you around the countryside where you can see breathtaking castles (one of them cursed) from the perspective of a bird—but don’t worry, it won’t be hawkward. With Top 10 Prague tours lasting 60 minutes and copters seating up to 4 people, you don’t want to miss this stellar tour. We would add in more flying puns, but they might go over your head. Flights bookable daily.

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3. Tram Line 91

VIDEO   SITE   +420 296 19 18 17

Feeling nostalgic? Historic Tram Line 91 will take you back to a different time, when afternoon tea and crumpets were the norm and top hats were cool. Bopping past all the major monuments, this old line is run by retired locals who love their city—what better tour guides could you ask for?! The ticket for this tram is separate from the modern trams; so prepare yourselves for a few bumps on the cobblestones and get ready for a ride through history. Tram runs Sat – Sun 12 PM – 5:30 PM. 

2. Pony Travel

MAP   SITE   +420 736 752 671

The cutest contender for our Top 10 Prague tours is Pony Travel, a romantic, adorable way to see the sights. Let yourself be pulled through the magical city in a horse-drawn carriage with a wonderful tour guide in full costume. Tour options for different sights can be selected and you can even pose for a picture with your newfound animal friend. Don’t make a foal of yourself—try out Pony Travel while you’re in Praha. Open daily 10 AM – 10 PM. 

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1. Prague Steamboats

SEARCH   SITE   +420 224 810 030

It’s aboat time you check out one of the prettiest ways to see the city—Prague Steamboat tours! Float down the river on the Vitava or the Vyšehrad restaurant cruisers while enjoying a delicious meal. Try the Sweet Prague cruise for an extra-special foodie series featuring decadent dishes you won’t find on land. We’d make another pun about the river, but it’d be too mainstream. Tours bookable online daily. 

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